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Jeff Vavasour wrote a Java based emulator for one of the first computers I ever owned. His is for the Timex/Sinclair 1000. Basically a ZX81 with an additional 1K of memory onboard for a whopping 2K of RAM! ;)

I had a brand spanking new Sinclair ZX81 fresh off the boat from the UK with the wobbly 16k memory pack and sinclair printer in the VERY early 80's. Up until the point I finally had one in my hands I had been trying to teach myself BASIC from books from Creative Computing and Radio Shack. I wanted a TRS80 Model 1, but would have to wait another year or so before I could finally afford a used one.

This was the very first real computer I owned...
and now, it's a JAVA based emulator..


check it out, he has some programs you can "load" into the emulator and play. :)


Nov. 5th, 2009 12:49 pm
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this looks kind of fun :)

I use to be heavily into BASIC Stamps, these little Arduino's look like a lot of fun to play with. (chuckle)
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this would be cool

region 2 though.. :(

David Tennant and Patrick Stewart in Hamlet!!!!!!!

thanks to [ profile] smallerdemon for the link.. there are fairly inexpensive all region players available now.. this is bad for me... very very bad....
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You know you are an english geek when your co-worker asks you out of the blue one day, have you ever wondered where the word nowadays comes from, it's a weird contracted type of word, it can't have been in use that long, could it?

And..... you go look it up, because it bugs you.

Then you go back to your co-worker and tell them. Nowadays, came into use between 1325 and 1375, from the middle english nou adaes. It's been around a long time now.

That's when you start to really wonder about yourself......
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And because it's a theme today for me...

In the realm of strange but true, they actually DID build steam engine airplanes that flew!

Strange facts of old technology.

Must remember these facts and ideas for future possible story ideas.
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These are actually pretty interesting.

very anime-esque...
very steampunk...

I like :)
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I realized talking with a friend over the weekend that many don't know about the existance of a free driver that will allow many USB web cams to work on the mac under OS X.

Check it out, that old usb web cam that's sitting on the shelf may just be supported after all.

Good luck!


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