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I've been doing some digging in my area on teaching positions for community as well as 4 year colleges in the two subject areas I'm most likely to want to go. I note that both areas pay about the same to adjuncts at the community colleges and alas they all seem to require at least a masters in the subject area now(if not teaching experience, which I'm not sure where to get on the information systems side). It's when you get to the 4 year colleges that some big differences come to play, and mostly I fear it's due to the number of qualified applicants going for the jobs. It would be much easier to get a job at a 4 year college in the information systems/business fields than in something like english or history.

This research tends to push me more towards the Master Science or MBA with a focus on Information Systems. Plus, the information systems focus will tend to make it easier to pick up other work to make things work out while I try to develop a living wage out of teaching. Still not sure how to pick up teaching experience while working on the masters when my college doesn't tend to employe GTA's from the master's program, they tend to use phd students for that duty.
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If you ever want to really get this stuff... teach it...

My class went well today.
I might just get the hang of teaching this stuff ;)

For the first time I think I successfully explained weight and balance to people the first time through.
The photocopied handout from the 152 PIM I made for them was very useful and we worked some problems..

Then I taught them how to use the paper e6b flight computer...
Nobody had ever used a circular slide rule (and it'd been a while for me) but they were all amazed at how easy it was to really use..
I walked them through several problems. Then pointed out how there was a built in cheat sheet on the front of the e6b.
All good stuff.. They can use some more practice with it (as can I ) but are doing well.

Then we delved into pilotage and dead reckoning. So I taught them the basics on figuring a course on a chart..
I had them snap a line, pick out a checkpoint.
Then how to figure their course with their plotter, that was fun, but they got it in the end.
Then how to adjust it based on isogonic lines to get their magnetic heading when they flew on a calm wind day. (wind triangles are for another day!!!)

THEN I blew their mind.
I asked them.. how far was it between the two points...
Pointed at the scale on their plotter, they got the idea, measured it with the scale and they wrote it down..
I then asked them.. you are flying at 100 knots, how long will it take you to get from this airport to that one (on their line)
They blinked owlishly at me....
I smiled, said... look at the front of your e6b, the answer is there...
Then they realized they had two of the three pieces needed for the time/distance problem, turned the dials and lined things up and read out the answer...
I swear, the room got brighter, I saw 3 light bulbs light up in the room over their heads....

that is the best thing to see/feel :)

we ended on that note.
Next up is VORs, that'll be a fun one for them (chuckle)

They said that of all the things that frightened them about the course the paper e6b was the biggest fear for them.
That'd I'd tamed the tiger for them today, they couldn't hardly believe it worked.
I told them that nearly everybody hates the e6b when first exposed to it
But with a bit of practice, it comes together

a good day
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Starting the 19th I start teaching another private pilot groundschool.
15 class sessions over a span of 7 weeks.

Someday I'm going to get over the nerves I always have leading up to it...


Jan. 21st, 2009 03:02 pm
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first chapter test printed out
reviewed against the slides
a bit added becuase the slides short shifted something...

so notes ready
slides ready
projector ready
laptop ready
video ready to set the mood

I guess I'm ready to do this thing tonight....

I'll feel better once the groundschool class is started..


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