Jan. 10th, 2008 11:30 am
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there are days I want out of IT

there just are

task, task, panic-task, task, drop, task, task, drop, panic-task, panic-task, panic-task, drop, task, task....

I feel like I've had 6 cups of coffee, I've been moving so fast today...
and yet it's not even lunchtime, and I've yet be in one place long enough to pour a second cup....

Some days, I'm ready to be a user......

(deep breath) into the breech once more.....
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I can look out the door of my office and see the company lunchroom.

People are funny. I dropped off a couple of boxes of chocolate on a table for the masses. As long as the boxes were still wrapped in plastic and sealed, no one wanted to be the one that opened them. I sat in my office, nursing a cup of coffee watching as one after another of my coworkers would arrive, pick up the box, turn it over, then set it back on the table.

A bit later I walked in and removed the plastic sealing the package and went back to my office to watch. NOW everyone who came buy felt it was okay to have a piece. They didn’t have to be THE ONE that broke the seal so it was okay. Note: This seems to hold true if you have separate trays of goodies that are sealed. If the seal on the top tray is broken, they’ll partake. If the seal on the lower tray is good, then they will pass over, not wanting to be the one to open it.

Interesting human dynamics. (why yes, it was slow yesterday at the office, why do you ask?)


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