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I also got my grade score from ETS for the GRE. I scored well enough on the verbal to place at my local school in the grad program, however I fell just a little short on what it states they want on the essay portion. I don't understand how that could be. I felt they were really strong essays.

Well, the report is headed to my college now. I'll queue up the final transcript after March 5th from TESC and we'll see if the graduate committee decides I am a strong enough candidate for admittance. I feel I interviewed well with the grad advisor of the program. I've got the undergrad advisor on my side personally as well as with a letter of recommendation, as well as a letter of recommendation from one of the professors in the graduate program there. My final letter was from another senior lecturer I had in the department. I should be able to meet the 3 out of 4 criteria for successful admission. I think. But then again I thought I had done better on those essays on the GRE too.

We'll see.

Time will tell.


Jan. 27th, 2010 12:37 pm
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The GRE is done.

I was right, it was an obnoxious test. At least it's done. I've scored well enough to place at my school pending scores on my essays.

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In which 4 things make a post..

1) Grad Advisor met and talked with.

2) All three letters of recommendation writers have responded and agreed to write them for me. Forms dropped off at all their respective offices today.

3) GRE test scheduled for 1-30-10 at 12:30. (edited)

4) Application officially submitted.

In other news, or actually very related news, I've been told that it might be asking a bit much to get into a GTA slot this summer/fall. The good news is that the website is somewhat misleading in that I can likely still apply and be successful next summer/fall after a couple of graduate semesters behind me.

GRE Prep

Jan. 10th, 2010 09:36 pm
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Working through the GRE study guide. Sentence completion, Analogies, and Antonyms today and now my brain is mush. I took the first ETS practice test to see what I would score cold on the exam. I score comfortably over the minimum required for my college admission and on the good side of the bell curve. I have no real idea as to how close the ETS practice test will correspond to the real exam under real test conditions. It'd be nice to have a bit more leeway on my scores so I can have a bad test day and still come through okay. I'm considering trying to take it at the end of the month in hopes of having the scores to my school in time for the summer application cut off.
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Adjusting a previously written paper for submission as your writing sample is a nerve wracking experience. In part because you don't know exactly what the readers are looking for in your writing. I talked with my undergrad advisor/mentor friend at the school and she agreed that I should submit not only the 7 page paper I'm fiddling with but also one of the extremely densely written Philosophy in Literature short papers I wrote for one of the more demanding professors.

Hopefully between the two papers my application will pass muster on the writing sample side.

Then I just have to worry about the GRE.

Always something. :)
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In exploring paths towards grad school, both Masters and Ph.D. I realized that my lack of 2 years of foreign language is a handicap. It seems that I will be fine if I can develop a reading/translation level of ability though. It turns out that my college does a one semester class whose goal is to take a student from ground zero to reading/translation capability in one class. They say that when you are done, a dedicated student will be able to pass a reading comprehension department exam. They offer both French and German this way.

Has anyone ever taken a class like this? Is it really possible?

Now if they will only offer them at night! ;)


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