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Jeff Vavasour wrote a Java based emulator for one of the first computers I ever owned. His is for the Timex/Sinclair 1000. Basically a ZX81 with an additional 1K of memory onboard for a whopping 2K of RAM! ;)

I had a brand spanking new Sinclair ZX81 fresh off the boat from the UK with the wobbly 16k memory pack and sinclair printer in the VERY early 80's. Up until the point I finally had one in my hands I had been trying to teach myself BASIC from books from Creative Computing and Radio Shack. I wanted a TRS80 Model 1, but would have to wait another year or so before I could finally afford a used one.

This was the very first real computer I owned...
and now, it's a JAVA based emulator..


check it out, he has some programs you can "load" into the emulator and play. :)
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Have you ever needed to print to a PDF file from your Windows box?

Hate the idea of spending money on a utility to allow you to do it?

I just found these guys...

It works in my office 2000 install at the office.

Totally free. No nagware, no restrictions that I can tell. I give it two thumbs up!!
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I picked up a new AirPort Express N model the other weekend to replace our aging original AirPort Express that would go dumb on the cable modem from time to time. It went in with only a little bit of a fight, and all seemed mostly okay on the PC side of our network. On the mac side though I noticed that the laptop would keep trying to pick up PPOE. Now this is suppose to be handled by the airport. It didn't seem to make a big deal on performance on the macbook pro, but it was annoying to have it scrolling off and on up there. On my iBook though running Tiger it was a constant scroll, and it seemed to be degrading performance on the wireless. I also noticed that I wasn't getting N speeds internally. Strange...

A bit of digging today and it seems that a lot of folks were having this problem. I logged into the airport again this morning with the pro in order to double check some settings and low and behold, there is a firmware update for the AirPort. Version 7.3.2 seems to fix the issues. No more is it constantly trying to aquire PPOE, and I'm getting N speeds internally now.

So, if anybody on my flist is having a strange issue with their AirPort Express N model, try the 7.3.2 firmware.
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One of the problems with being the resident geek...
the go-to guy when your computer is having a problem....

is that you accumulate a LOT of JUNK!
Things you hold on to because it MIGHT be of use in fixing someone else's computer at some time further down the line... This leads to abandoned towers, boxes of parts, old network cards, video cards, little bitty hard drives... Stuff that hasn't been supported by XP EVER, not to mention Vista.. You can only build so many specific purpose Linux boxes before it just starts to get VERY silly...

Before you know it...
okay, to be honest, after MANY years of this habit....
you start to drown under the chaff you've never let go of....

There will be a person or two on my friends list that knows me personally...
they will be SHOCKED to hear that I have just thrown away/recycled 3 stripped and dead towers...
more little drives than I care to think about...
some gosh awful network and video cards...
there's a box of cables that goes up to the office to be added to THEIR stock of surplus power cords, IDE and Floppy cables.. (yeah, I can't quite throw it all away at the office yet, I've STILL got some ancient machines I have to support)

PLUS!!! I just turned down a box of junk pc parts from another friend of mine on Friday!!
(this stuff was all very old win95/me/98 level stuff that doesn't belong in a current, or even mostly current generation machines)

Progress has been made, more still needs to be done... There's a fine line in holding onto old line classic computers vs everyday run of the mill junk... I believe I'm defining that line now.. we'll see
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Ever hear a user strip a gear when they are trying not to admit to something?

I did today..
I have a user whose machine was whacked by a nasty 1 2 punch of spyware/malware. I talked with her on the phone, walking her through where she went. Her bank.. No, that won't cause a problem... she traveled through a few more places, all harmless... then she said, with hesitation, that she had been doing some research..

Research I asked?

Yeah, research... when gently pressed she eventually revealed she had gone to youtube, and then... everything happened.

It was hard to restrain the chuckle. For one thing, I block YouTube for the company, so she had mistyped the URL, leading to a link/malware-farm that whacked her machine. For another, you could hear it in her voice when she realized that she was going to have to somehow admit to going to YouTube for 'research'.

Then I asked her to turn off her pc as I had requested her to leave off until her new one arrived. She asked how I knew she had it on. I told her, because I've been killing a ton of spam coming out of your branch trying to get to the Internet this morning. Then proceeded to explain to her how that just because she wasn't seeing an error, it could still be very busy this morning, and THAT was why I told her to turn it OFF until she got her new machine.


Still, hearing her throw a cog this morning... It did make me smile.


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