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If you have used the excellent hack from Andrew Escobar to enable Front Row on your non Front Row enabled mac and you discovered that it disappeared after the 10.4.8 update you may want to hear this...

Apple replaced a couple of files that Andrew's Enabler1.3 utility patches in order to get Front Row to run on your non IR equipped mac.

If you run the FrontRow Enabler 1.3 on your 10.4.8 patched mac you will NOT be able to restart your machine successfully. It will hang trying to bring up the login page. If you apply the 1.3 enabler to your system your option is to download the 10.4.8 combo updater and reapply the big patch, OR, if you've rebooted and gotten your system in the weird state where it will never come up there is a work around to fix it.

If you have another mac handy that has the same version that you are running on your affective mac (10.4.8 in my case) then boot your sick mac to Target mode by holding "T" at boot-up. Then connect it to your uncorrupted mac via firewire. The volume will mount and be accessible.

Open a terminal and run the following....

sudo cp /System/Library/PrivateFrameworks/BezelServices.framework/Versions/A/BezelServices /Volumes/[ibookHD]/System/Library/PrivateFrameworks/BezelServices.framework/Versions/A/BezelServices

sudo cp /System/Library/LoginPlugins/BezelServices.loginPlugin/Contents/MacOS/BezelServices /Volumes/[ibookHD]/System/Library/LoginPlugins/BezelServices.loginPlugin/Contents/MacOS/BezelServices

replacing [ibookHD] with the corrupted systems name. It will ask you for your password, give it to it and it'll replace the corrupted files on the bad machine with the ones on your good machine. Note: These are both power PC mac's. If one had been intel and the other a power pc, I would have likely just reloaded the 10.4.8 combo updater from apple and worked on the problem from that angle.

Now eject the ibook and power it down. Boot it back up and it should come up just like before.

Andrew has updated his FrontRow Enabler to support 10.4.8 and 10.4.9 already. Go to his site and pull down the current version and follow his instructions and you'll soon have Front Row running again on your mac.

BTW, the Keyspan RF Front Row remote, seems to work fairly well. I'll have to play some more with it.


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