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Ever hear a user strip a gear when they are trying not to admit to something?

I did today..
I have a user whose machine was whacked by a nasty 1 2 punch of spyware/malware. I talked with her on the phone, walking her through where she went. Her bank.. No, that won't cause a problem... she traveled through a few more places, all harmless... then she said, with hesitation, that she had been doing some research..

Research I asked?

Yeah, research... when gently pressed she eventually revealed she had gone to youtube, and then... everything happened.

It was hard to restrain the chuckle. For one thing, I block YouTube for the company, so she had mistyped the URL, leading to a link/malware-farm that whacked her machine. For another, you could hear it in her voice when she realized that she was going to have to somehow admit to going to YouTube for 'research'.

Then I asked her to turn off her pc as I had requested her to leave off until her new one arrived. She asked how I knew she had it on. I told her, because I've been killing a ton of spam coming out of your branch trying to get to the Internet this morning. Then proceeded to explain to her how that just because she wasn't seeing an error, it could still be very busy this morning, and THAT was why I told her to turn it OFF until she got her new machine.


Still, hearing her throw a cog this morning... It did make me smile.


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