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I'm going to at long last be able to learn to do something else I've always wanted to. This weekend I get to start a 4 day beginning sailing class on a local lake!

Sailing a boat is one of those childhood dream things I've always wanted to do but never have had the chance before. I think I probably wanted to sail boats before I even wanted to fly airplanes, and those that know me in real life know how much I have wanted to fly airplanes.

I grew up/spent a lot of my youth around the Texas gulf coast. Like most boys watching Errol Flynn movies and tv re-runs in the 60's and 70's, tall ships, sloops, cutters, boats of all kinds and the sea were very much in the foreground of my consciousness. My pre-teen and early teen years I spent the summer, winter, spring and fall on the waters of the local lakes in my dads old fishing skiff with him. Sometimes it was more about just being outside and futzing about on the water in the skiff with that ancient johnson outboard-motor puttering along as it was for the fishing.

So this weekend starts the first half of the class, we'll spend the mornings doing classroom work, the afternoons sailing. Each day we sail on a different boat so we get to see what different ones are like. We sail this weekend, take a weekend off, then the next one.

I've got my sunscreen ready, I'm ready to go!


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