Apr. 10th, 2010

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Today I rode with a friend on a round robin flight across some very pretty spring time countryside. The marked difference from near DFW to just an hours flight away was amazing. Even out in the country though you still saw them, gas wells, pump-jacks, oil storage tanks, big obnoxious houses on zero lot lines, pavement everywhere when you got closer to the towns..

I watched those green fields today slip under and behind our wings and I thought about the past..
about barnstomers, and biplanes..
about cubs with big fat low pressure tires..
I wondered what it must have been like to be able to hop the hedge and drop into a farmers pasture and not get shot at..
to have it all new, for aviation to be fresh to people...
to take people aloft in an age where being sued at the drop of a hat was unheard of...

I wondered what it was like to not have gaswells everywhere you look, those big obnoxious houses on zerio lot lines and pavement everywhere..

I'm sure a lot of my thoughts were influenced by some of the exhibits at Tyler Pounds. They had pictures of Love Field from the 1920's, when it was just a big grass field and nothing but biplanes on it. Golden age aviation at its finest. Over on the civil aviation portion of the museum there were big advertising posters for the cessna 140's. A wooden rib from a J3 cub, pictures and models of planes from other times. Flying in another world than the one we live in now...

But you know, on the way back home, flying over the spring time Texas pastures at 2000 feet, there were times when you could almost hear the sound of the wind in the wires. You could almost see the farms the way they must have seen them 60, 70, 80 years ago. If you squinted just right you could look past the pavement, the freeways.. If you looked sideways just right, you could glimpse a flight into the past.

Our route today.. http://tinyurl.com/ybhoonj


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