Jan. 9th, 2010

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Stumbled on this elsewhere the other day.

The Westminster City Council is publishing the daily diary account of Nathaniel Bryceson from 1846. They only have the one years worth of diary from him. I expect it will be a fun read nonetheless!

Check out the Life and Loves of a Victorian Clerk this year. http://www.westminster.gov.uk/services/libraries/archives/victorian-clerk/
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In exploring paths towards grad school, both Masters and Ph.D. I realized that my lack of 2 years of foreign language is a handicap. It seems that I will be fine if I can develop a reading/translation level of ability though. It turns out that my college does a one semester class whose goal is to take a student from ground zero to reading/translation capability in one class. They say that when you are done, a dedicated student will be able to pass a reading comprehension department exam. They offer both French and German this way.

Has anyone ever taken a class like this? Is it really possible?

Now if they will only offer them at night! ;)
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Adjusting a previously written paper for submission as your writing sample is a nerve wracking experience. In part because you don't know exactly what the readers are looking for in your writing. I talked with my undergrad advisor/mentor friend at the school and she agreed that I should submit not only the 7 page paper I'm fiddling with but also one of the extremely densely written Philosophy in Literature short papers I wrote for one of the more demanding professors.

Hopefully between the two papers my application will pass muster on the writing sample side.

Then I just have to worry about the GRE.

Always something. :)


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