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On Sunday the 15th, after my excellent early morning sail with a friend, I had set up to go back out with John in the club boats. He arrived while my friend and I were cooling off in the snack shack on the marina. They got to meet and seemed to like each other. An offer extended for her to stay and sail on with us but alas she had to go.

We headed out to the boat that was still ready to go. Before long we pushed off and headed out. We put up the sails and set course to Little Petes again for a late lunch. The nice light wind we'd had so early in the morning for my first sail left us in the heat of the day. The perils of sailing during the dog days of summer in Texas. We tried to find a point of sail to work us towards the other marina but what little wind we had was fickle. First it'd be from the southwest, then it would switch to the northeast. Mostly it would leave us baking in the sun.

We discussed our options and put the motor in the water. A full fuel tank, we knew there would be no problems, so we motorsailed our way to the marina. The only other sailboat we saw that afternoon was a Catalina 30 who had her sails stowed and was briskly motoring her way across the lake. We weren't the only ones to decide to cheat.

Lunch was good, cool, and refreshing. The waitress offered to put some iced tea in a couple of cups for us to take with us which we gratefully accepted. Out back on the water the wind seemd a little fresher, we sailed towards the far shore of the lake a bit then tacked to set a course to head down towards the dam and more towards our marina. We made it about halfway before the wind died on us again. In fits and starts the wind would come back to tease us but mother nature was all tuckered out. We gave in and dropped the motor again, stowed our sails and headed in.

An afternoon where we didn't get a lot of 'sailing' in. A little light air sailing here and there, but a lot of motorsailing to be had. The afternoon not quiet so good as the morning, but all in all, a good day on the water.
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