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Yesterday I had the day off work and John and I decided to go sailing. Out early in the morning we had decent wind for a change and worked on man overboard drills. Not that we threw either of us off the boat, just a PFD that we'd fish back out with the handle of an oar when it came alongside the boat again. A half a dozen times we ran the drill and I blew it once completly and had to come back around again, the other times were a bit fast but we snagged the PFD and the last time I drifted to a stop next to the PFD. SCORE!

The rest of the day involved us sailing with a purpose! We decided to run up the lake to grab lunch at the other marina. My first time going into a different marina than the one I learned in, a different docking situation but it wasn't anything too different. Before long we were ready to chow down!

On the way back John decided he was hot so we hove-to and he dropped off the side of the boat to swim a bit, eventually even surfing along behind the boat while I sailed around a bit. He had fun. Before long we headed back to our marina and put Brown Eyed Girl away. A good ship, good friend, good time.

Tomorrow I sail for the first time with a non club member on one of the boats. My elder brother James has agreed to go out with me. He's sailed extensively in the past and it should be a lot of fun. I have already told him he'll probably be shaking his head at me and he laughed and said no, he still remembers when he learned and all the things he ended up doing! Should be a good time, lots of stories I'm sure to hear him tell tomorrow. My only problem is that he said he'll show up at 7 when the slot starts in the boat!

Ack! Isn't this my vacation?
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